Skin Care

Skin Care services offered in Spring and The Woodlands, Houston, TX

Skin Care

Embracing a great skin care routine can do wonders for the appearance and health of your skin. When you rely on Ben Cilento, MD, MHA, and his team at Butterfly MedSpa and Wellness in Spring, Texas, for aesthetics care, you receive professional guidance in all aspects of skin care. When you’re ready to refine your skin care routine, call or click to book a visit.

Skin Care Q & A

Why is skin care so important?

Skin care works to remove oils, impurities, and debris from the surface of your skin. It also supports optimal moisture to reduce visible signs of aging. Products address issues like discoloration, wrinkling, and more. 

While starting a great skin care routine in your teens and 20s is the best approach, it’s never too late to embrace a customized skin care routine. Working with a professional ensures your skin gets the support needed to thrive. 


What kinds of skin care products are available?

The team at Butterfly MedSpa and Wellness spends a great deal of time and effort researching advancements in medical-grade skin care.  


ZO® Skin Health

Created by a world-renowned dermatologist, ZO Skin Health products use the latest science and proprietary technology to create powerful products. Options are available for all skin tones and types. 


PCA skin®

Founded in 1990, PCA skin has an outstanding track record in innovative skin health product offerings. Their substantial research and development team always strives to create new and proven products to meet the full range of skin health concerns. 



This global anti-aging skin care company, made in the United States, focuses on providing clean beauty products free of animal or human products. Sustainable practices make this company a leader in the clean beauty industry.


Elta MD®

This company is among the best skin care manufacturers in the nation and recognized as the creator of the #1 dermatologist-recommended sunscreen. Their product lines include options for all skin types and the full range of skin concerns. 


Cilento® Facial Products

Exclusively available from Butterfly MedSpa and Wellness, this line of skin care products is derived from nature and free of sulfates and parabens. All options have been dermatologist tested and offer safe and effective skin improvements. 

The team at Butterfly MedSpa and Wellness is always looking for new product lines to introduce to the practice. 


How do I build a skin care routine that is right for me?

When you rely on Butterfly MedSpa and Wellness for care, you can rest assured that a professional will assist you in building a new skin care routine or perfecting your existing product lineup. 

The process begins with a quick skin assessment and a discussion of your goals. Next, your practitioner guides you toward the options best aligned with your needs. There are never any high-pressure sales tactics; the focus is to inform you of your options. 

When you’re ready to begin, call the office to book a visit or schedule online in just a few clicks.